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Legislative Committee

James Scheuerman .png


James Scheuerman [D]

Nassau County* (1/21) (5/23)

Michael Henrici [D]

Otsego County ** (2/22)

Steve Dewitt [D]

Tompkins County (5/23)

Sara Bormann [D]
Oneida County (9/22)

Taijain Nelson [D]

Westchester County (1/23)

Jackie Ortiz [D]
Monroe County (1/21)

Mark Smith [R]

Broome County (8/23)

Tracy Sparks [R]

Franklin County (9/21)

Doug Colety [R]

Westchester County (9/21)

Nicole Shortell, [R]

Oneida County (3/22)

Vincent Ignizio, [R]

New York City (9/22)

Betty Manzella [R]

Suffolk County (8/23)

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