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NYS Election Commissioners Association - 100th Anniversary

Celebrating 100 Years - Our 100 Year Anniversary Gala – May 28, 2015

100th Anniversary 2015!

Our celebration of the Associations 100th Anniversary took place at our Summer Conference 2015.  We worked hard on a gala event to take place during our Summer Conference.















The Commissioners who coordinated the event are Sue Bahren, Orange County, Bernadette Toombs, Tioga County and Sue Fries Cattaraugus County.  They have searched for former Commissioners who will be joining us to help us celebrate this auspicious occasion.

If you are an alumni of the NYS Election Commissioners Association, or a former Board of Elections Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner or official, please click here to sign up on our contact form so we may contact and include you in future Anniversary events.

If you do not have an email account, please click here so we can contact you through alternative methods.


Tom Wilkey.png

Former Executive Director of the New York State Board of Elections and long time member of the State Election Commissioners Association, Tom Wilkey served as our Master of Ceremonies and Historian of the event.

Memorabilia from all the Counties in New York State were gathered to have on display at the event.

Be certain to check out the photographs of the historical election materials and memorabilia collection displayed at the Anniversary celebration here.

Photos of the 100th Anniversary Gala can be found here.

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